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Posttraumatic stress disorder follwoing a road traffic accident:.

Mrs J.B

I was diagnosed with PTSD before my therapy. I felt like I was living in a buble. I felt dead behind my eyes and I could not do anything. Life carried on and it was felt like I was on the outside watching it.

Since I've had therapy, I feel like I am living again. I can now understand what was happening to me. Wtih the help of my therapist, I have my life back, my confidence back and I am enjoying my life again.

Mr D.W

At the start of my treatment with Dr Sirous I was in a very dark place with serious PTSD & DEPRESSION as a result of a serious HGV RTA in 2013 even after having treatment in the past with other mental health counsellors within NHS & PRIVATE expanding over 3 years with different various treatments etc without much achieved, but I found within 2nd - 3rd sessions with Dr Sirous I started to feel different in myself and believed life will get better and now at the end of my treatment plan over a number of months with Dr Sirous I can say I am a different person in myself and I can see a future and I owe this all to Dr Sirous who saved my life ..... .